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How does United Way spend my donation?  Simply put, money raised here stays here, to make the greatest possible impact in our community. Most pledges are not designated for a certain destination. Those dollars are allocated by United Way volunteers who spend hours visiting Partner Agencies, evaluating their effectiveness and efficiency. They sift through funding requests, analyze the needs of the community, and make informed decisions in allocating United Way dollars. A complete listing of United Way of Union County’s annual allocations can be found on our website or provided by calling our office. Our fundraising and administrative percentage is at 18%, well below the Better Business Bureau’s standard of 35%. That means 82 cents of every dollar goes directly to a program or service.

What happens when I make a designated gift?   If you make your pledge to one of the four Impact Areas or to a Partner Agency of the United Way of Union County, your money is directed there. Maybe you grew up in another part of the state and want to benefit your hometown. You can do that too, by designating to the United Way in that community. When you designate, United Way of Union County keeps a percentage of the pledge for fundraising and administrative costs — an amount determined by United Way Worldwide standards.

How do I know that I can trust the United Way of Union County?   The United Way of Union County has certification from the Better Business Bureau affirming that fact. The BBB completed a review of our organization and determined that it met all 20 of its new charitable accountability standards. In addition, the United Way of Union County can provide a complete financial report prepared by an independent auditor and the standards in place for membership certification through United Way Worldwide upon request.

I feel like I’m being pressured to give to United Way.   Giving is a personal choice. No one should be coerced into giving. But if we don’t ask, no one’s going to give. The goal of the United Way is to educate our community about the social services needs in Union County and to provide all with an opportunity to help.

I/we can’t afford to give to United Way.   We all feel that there is less disposable income to give to charity in this uncertain economy. The people who feel it most are the health and human service agencies. It’s a catch-22. There is less money being allocated to them, yet there are more people turning to them for assistance. We must examine our own situation and make a choice. Through the United Way campaign, we have the opportunity to spread our generosity throughout the entire year. By utilizing payroll deduction you can have a small amount taken each pay period. For as little as $1 a week, your generosity can greatly impact the lives of others.

I already give money to Church or another charity.   Supporting your religious belief is important and reflects your personal religious convictions and your desire to help other people. But consider giving to United Way as a way to enhance your charitable portfolio. The benefits derived from our United Way gifts are vitally important to our entire community, just as our religious contributions are to our Church community. We have a responsibility in both areas.

I don’t want to give because when I or someone I knew needed help, the United Way didn’t help at all.   The United Way is not set up to provide direct services to individuals. We refer people to our Partner Agencies and other community resources, the experts in meeting the needs of the people. The agencies themselves determine eligibility and amount of aid given to those in need, usually in terms of government guidelines or established policies that prevent people from taking advantage of the system. The United Way raises money for the programs and services that can help the most people possible. They are listed in our campaign brochure and here.

I read stories and hear ads about the United Way of Central Ohio that talk about different services than are offered here.   The United Way of Union County is independent and autonomous from all other United Ways, including the United Way of Central Ohio, which is the name for the United Way of Franklin County. They are operated by a separate Board of Directors, and service the people of Columbus and Franklin County. Information you read or hear about United Way in other communities does not reflect the operations of this one.

Does United Way of Union County fund abortion?   No, United Way of Union County does not fund abortions or agencies that provide or support them.

Does United Way of Union County fund Planned Parenthood?   Planned Parenthood has received much media attention and scrutiny recently and in return has generated questions to the United Way of Union County. The short answer is the United Way of Union County does not fund, and has never funded, Planned Parenthood.

The United Way of Union County has been a valued community partner since it was founded in 1958. It is a local organization guided by neighbors you know, volunteers who live and work right down the street. 99% of all of the dollars raised in Union County or pledged to the United Way of Union County during the annual campaign, stay local in our county to support local social services, as well as our fundraising and administrative costs. Moreover, 82 cents of each dollar goes directly to aid our 26 funded agencies and over 40 programs for Union County residents.

Each year, our local Board of Trustees and additional local community members assist in the allocation process to determine the funding decisions. We feel our Board and community leaders/volunteers are a true representation of our county.

All of our Partner Agencies are listed on our website and can be located here.

United Way of Union County is an independent and autonomous organization, a member of United Way Worldwide, NOT a chapter. This is important. It means we can tailor our organization to reflect the values and meet the specific needs of Union County. As a member, we pay 1% to United Way Worldwide — this also does not go to Planned Parenthood.

There are close to 1200 independent local United Ways in the United States, with each United Way operating as their own separate 501(c)3 with their own local Board of Trustees. If you would like to read more about United Way Worldwide’s response to Planned Parenthood, please visit www.united-ways-global.org/contact-us/faqs.

For more information about the United Way of Union County, please eMail corinne.bix@unitedwayofunioncounty.org or call at (937) 644-8381.
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