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McCarthy & Cox (Ultimate Goal Buster) Nationwide
L-R: Mark Finney, Cassandra MacDonald, and Megan McCarthy Collins Sherri Coleman and Pete Lore
Richwood Bank (Goal Buster) Nestle Development Center
Top Row L-R: Jim Blevins, Chad Hoffman, Jamison Botkin, Rebecca Dinovo, Ash Khatib, Matt Clark Front L-R: Conor Hoffman, Emily Davis, Jenny Wolf L-R: Ying Zheng, Judith Arfsten and Mary Jolly
Memorial Health UCO Industries (Honorable Mention Goal Buster)
L-R: Ken McHattie, Deb Stubbs, Dave Roebke From left to right, Dave Amerine, Jessica Joseph, Dan Adelsberger, Sarah Snapp, Cindy Shanklin, Dan Gardner
Union County Board of DD Marysville Public Library
Liz Vamos and Mandi Mayse Cindy Crawford, Marysville Public Library HR Manager
Wings Support and Recovery (Goal Buster) Impact 60 (Good Neighbor Award)
Front row left to right: Julli Griesheimer, Karla Boyle, Abigail Anderton: Middle: Nikki Allen; Back left to right: Tracie Gordon-Nelson, Jerome Shapiro, Carl Mandanici Lavona See (center) Impact 60 Executive Director with Impact 60 Board Members Tony Eufinger and Holly Zweizig
Union County Prosecutor’s Office Bob Chapman Ford
Left to right: Catherine Weeks, Victim Advocate; Corinne Bix, United Way; David Phillips, Union County Prosecuting Attorney; Cory Hamilton, Victim Advocate Left to right: Nick Hinshaw, Jason Beeney, Chris Creagan, Jody White. Front: Cassidy Page and Lindsey Harbert
ContiTech Moriroku
Andy Britt and Jessica Hamilton L-R: Laura Frohna, Doug Spohn, and Melissa Wilkinson
Jonathan Alder Local Schools (Goal Buster) Select Sires
JoLynn Wheatley Corie Bix and David Thorbahn
Union County Human Services
Back left to right: Debbie Brown, Tracy Wallace, Karla Dye, Sam Bogue, Amy Beeney, Brian Garrabrant, Josh Bryant, Director Sue Ware, Tyler Marsh, Jarid Andrews
Middle left to right: Sam Meaige, Kit Monroy, Megan Green, Hope Moore, Deputy Director Linda Topping, Marcie Parker, Zach Switzer
Sitting in the front left to right: Crystal Hileman, Deputy Director Janell Alexander
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