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Tommy believes in attention to detail and getting the job done right. He comes to Community and Seasoned Citizens (CASC) every Wednesday and works to create favors for residents in many of Union County's nursing home facilities.

Tommy, 66, is an accomplished artist and uses various mediums including colored pencils, paint, and embroidery. Some would consider Tommy disabled, but Anne Daniel, CASC Executive Director, would disagree.

“He’s not Tommy with a disability, he is Tommy with an ABILITY,” Daniel said. He works diligently and he likes for people to see the work he does.

“I’m proud of the work I do,” Tommy said.

Daniel said senior engagement is vital to keeping seniors active both mentally and physically.

“Whether we have hidden talent that never been tapped into, if we don't have the time and place for these things to be developed and be brought forth, it’s not only a loss to the person, it’s a loss to the community,” Daniel explained, “We want to find more like Tommy and help them be proud of who they are and what they do.”

Tommy is one of 5,000 seniors in 2018 who shared their gifts with others through United Way funded partner agencies like CASC. Senior engagement is vital to our mature and growing community.
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