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July 9, 2019
On July 9, Ohio's First Lady, Fran DeWine, and Pam Hunsaker, the regional director of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL), met with the library's Ohio Affiliates. Sheila Sullivan-Passwaters manages the DPIL program for our office and was able to attend the event.

There are currently 54 active DPIL programs in Ohio, and as of the last book order, more than 93,000 books were mailed to preschoolers throughout the state, said Hunsaker.

The goal in partnering with the Governor's office is to reach children in all 88 counties with these books -- powerful early literacy tools!

DeWine and her staff are working hard to establish the parameters of this new statewide initiative, seeking insight and assistance from administrators of ongoing DPIL programs. At this point in time, the process is waiting on the state's latest budget to be passed.

If their request receives approval, then $5 million over the next two years could be allotted to sustain the success of this endeavor. However, there will also be a strong need to solicit other funding resources to continue the growth of the DPIL programs. DeWine and her staff will be reaching out to corporations and others for support and enlisting the aid of current DPIL administrators.
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