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August 28, 2013
Learn more about Shari’s perspective on the growth of Union County, and the growth of its needs, HERE.
I am often asked why we’ve established a $1 million goal for our 2013 campaign. Here are the Top Ten Reasons why the United Way of Union County needs to raise $1 million this year:

The United Way of Union County cares about the needs of the community and wants to help with solutions to those needs by “bringing neighbors & resources together to improve lives.”
The population of Union County has increased from 31,969 residents in 1990, my first year of employment with the organization, to 52,300 residents in the 2010 census. More people = more needs.
The number of Partner Agencies receiving funding from the United Way of Union County has grown from 18 in 1990 to 28 in 2013.
The funded Partner Agencies provide service to approximately 15,000 Union County residents a year.
There are over 319,000 units of service provided by the Partner Agencies through their United Way funded programs.
The United Way funds additional programs/services through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, the Youth Arts and Recreation Grant Fund and the Special Needs/Emergency Grant Fund. So far this year the United Way has awarded 13 grants totaling $13,660 between the two grant funds. The Dolly Parton Imagination Library averages 890 children per month who receive a book delivered to their home.
The United Way of Union County is a county-wide organization that deliberately looks at needs throughout the county and ways to help meet those needs.
The needs of the community are out-pacing the United Way’s current ability to meet those needs. In order to fully fund the Partner Agencies’ funding requests for 2013, the United Way would need to have raised $1,011,420 during last year’s campaign.
Additional needs have emerged over the past 23 years. There are 12 additional Partner Agencies receiving funding from the United Way that did not even exist 23 years ago.
    Two of them work with residents in a housing crisis situation or who are homeless.
  • Two of them provide personal need items (located in Marysville & Richwood).
  • Two provide prescription assistance (located in Marysville & Plain City.
  • Two provide programming for senior citizens (located in Marysville & Plain City.
  • One provides hospice care for the terminally ill and their families.
  • One provides mentoring programs to children.
  • One provides an early literacy program to preschool aged children.
  • One provides support for those living with mental illness.
“The Mission of the United Way of Union County is to bring neighbors and resources together to improve lives.” While it may seem trite to recite the organization’s mission statement to justify the need to raise $1 million this year, I believe it truly sums up the exact reason why we need to raise our goal to this level. Our ability to raise more money increases our ability to meet more community needs. Our high accountability standards for funded Partner Agencies also assures donors that their contributions are going to needed programs that are also held to these standards.

Please give generously when you are presented with giving materials at work. Or you can give right now, right HERE.


Shari L. Marsh
Executive Director, United Way of Union County
Volunteers and staff of the United Way of Union County encourage you to give generously to the 2013 United Way campaign. Pictured from left to right: Mike Rose, David Drummond, Mary Ann Conley, Sylvia Minshall-Dyer, Luke Braun, Ken Yunker, Scott Failor, Paul Jaeb, Sherri Coleman, Tony Eufinger, Dave Bezusko, Jim McFarlane, Shari Marsh, Luanne Beckstedt, and Jamie Patton.
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