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August 28, 2013

Kimm Godfrey, Vice President at Fifth Third Bank and Marysville Branch Manager, encourages everyone to LIVE UNITED as she serves as the Chair of the 2013 United Way campaign. A milestone goal of $1 million has been set. That would be a 7.5% increase over last year.
When the annual United Way of Union County campaign kicks off next week, it will come with the endorsement of many community leaders. A “Million Dollar Roundtable” has been formed to help the local non-profit reach its milestone fundraising goal this fall.

Leading that effort will be Kimm Godfrey, a lifelong Marysville professional who is a Vice President and Marysville Branch Manager at Fifth Third Bank. Godfrey has been named the 2013 Campaign Chair.

“I’ve been involved with different boards and organizations that are exclusive, serving one segment of the population” said Godfrey. “But United Way covers every nook and cranny, every facet of life. You never know when it’s going to affect you. And it may not even be a tragedy. It may be a wonderful thing. Look at all the things the Red Cross does. You look at the YMCA, or Big Brothers Big Sisters. The reach of United Way’s impact is just unlimited.”

Godfrey, whose passion is helping youth, shared an emotional story in which her own family was served this spring by Loving Care Hospice when her father passed away. She said the experience opened her eyes to another spectrum of help available for families.

“We are all sheltered in our own ways that we just need to open ourselves to what is going on in the community,” Godfrey said. “United Way serves so many people in so many ways that people don’t realize. The passion, the vision to make a better place for our community, it comes from the heart.”

This summer, United Way recruited community leaders to champion its cause and to personally assist in achieving the million dollar milestone. Participants include:

Members of United Way’s Million Dollar Roundtable, formed to help the local non-profit attain its milestone $1 million fundraising goal this fall. From left to right: Tony Eufinger, Eufinger Law Offices; Heather Queen, Royal Inspection; Don Piche, Veyance Technologies; John Gore, City of Marysville and Union County Department of Job & Family Services; Pete Emmons, True Oldies 1270; Kimm Godfrey, Fifth Third Bank; Ken Yunker, Nestle Product Technology Center; Dave Bezusko, United Way of Union County; Holly Zachariah, Columbus Dispatch; Luanne Beckstedt, Honda of America, Mfg.; Shari Marsh, United Way of Union County; Dick Douglass, Union County Senior Services; Kara Brown, Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and Mary Ann Conley, Marysville Schools. Not pictured: Bruce Bullerman, Richwood Banking Company; Mike Heifner, Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities; Anna Krutowskis, City of Marysville; Laura Michalak, Liberty National Bank; John Popio; Deb Schaner, Mental Health & Recovery Board; and John Woerner, Conrad, Leibold & Woerner.
  • Luanne Beckstedt, Honda of America
  • Kara Brown, Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Bruce Bullerman, Richwood Banking Company
  • Mary Ann Conley, Marysville Schools
  • Dick Douglass, Union County Senior Services
  • Pete Emmons, True Oldies 1270 AM
  • Tony Eufinger, Eufinger Law Offices
  • Kimm Godfrey, Fifth Third Bank
  • John Gore, City of Marysville/Union County Dept. of Job & Family Services
  • Mike Heifner, Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Anna Krutowskis, City of Marysville
  • Laura Michalak, Liberty National Bank
  • Don Piché, Veyance Technologies
  • John Popio, Marysville Resident
  • Heather Queen, Royal Inspections
  • Deb Schaner, Mental Health & Recovery Board
  • John Woerner, Conrad, Leibold & Woerner
  • Ken Yunker, Nestle Product Technology Center
  • Holly Zachariah, Columbus Dispatch
“As an individual, it is difficult to understand all the local needs that our community has, and it is hard to be aware personally of all the resources that are required to assist in alleviating all of these needs,” said John Woerner, a CPA and partner at Conrad, Leibold, Woerner and Company. “I feel confident when I support United Way that the contributions they receive will go directly to benefit those in our community who need help and assistance.”

United Way needs more activists who are passionate about the well-being of our community and are willing to help raise money. The campaign begins September 3 and continues through November. If you are interested in lending a helping hand, please contact United Way at (937) 644-8381.

United Way works to bring neighbors and resources together to improve lives in Union County. United Way of Union County has raised more than $17 million for local needs since it was established in 1958. More than just a fundraiser, United Way collaborates with local businesses, government, and non-profit organizations to solve pressing social service issues large and small.

For more information, please visit www.unitedwayofunioncounty.org.
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